This is how it began. My sister Anna, a brilliant and witty writer, suggested that we should try to write a romance novel according to the guidelines published by Mills & Boon. Not as easy as it sounds, apparently. She created a finely judged opening paragraph and sent it to me. And, intoxicated by the stylistic possibilities that are simply not offered by my usual literary output of press releases on Bedfordshire’s latest social housing project, I have taken up the gauntlet. The idea is that we will take it in turns to develop the story, in full view of you, dear reader.

We are taking this project seriously, but I am already acutely aware that writing about simmering desire with one’s own sister might be possible only with tongue tentatively in cheek. We have agreed not to discuss our plot ideas, so the novel will unfold as unpredictably to us as to our readers. This could lead to trouble later on, but for now it seems a very liberating way to start.

Who knows where this project will take us? To the dizzying heights of publication by the world’s leading romance brand? Probably not. But wherever we end up, it should be fun getting there…

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The sunny side of life

There’s not much sunshine around in February, so we have to make our own. Which, presumably, is why this meme is doing the rounds. I’ve been memed by the redoubtable Middle-Aged Matron, who, being the co-creator of Topaz ’n’ Cleft, I shall berate privately.

Not that I don’t like memes and tags and links and things – it’s just that this one isn’t the most galvanizing one I’ve seen. But nor is it the most difficult – that honour goes to Motherventing, whose tagging of me is still in development but should be along soon, given how long it is taking Anna to come up with the next instalment of Desire Be My Destiny. Too busy meme-ing, I suppose.

Anyway, this meme requires me to answer the following questions in order to win a February Sunshine Award. Here goes:

Favourite colour?
Blue. Green. Bluey green. Eau de nil. Whatever.

Favourite animal?

Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Tea. Hell, it’s my favourite drink.

Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter, of course. Do I look like someone who wants their identity stolen by sinister Californian geeks?

Favourite number?
Five. Probably because of using fingers to add up.

Favourite day of the week?
I work from home – all days of the week are the same and days off don’t feel like days off. Thursday, then, because after-school football doesn’t end until 4.30, giving me an extra hour of sanity.

Getting or giving presents?
That rather depends on the present. I have been known to get and give the same present in one seamless sequence; glad to get it (initially), equally glad to give it to Oxfam.

Favourite pattern?
What’s that supposed to mean? The only pattern I know the name of is the Greek key pattern, and that’s quite ugly. I’m rather partial to William Morris wallpaper; does that count?

Favourite flower?
Cut, garden or wild? Cut: anenome. Garden: Verbena. Wild: primrose.

Now let’s pass the sunshine on: fancy having a go, Chez MummyA Year in Lancashire and Chapters of Claire?    

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